Starting an Art Business: Interview with John Brosio

      Need some tips on starting an art business? Well, I just conducted an interview with the surreal artist, John Brosio. Check out one of his amazing paintings above – so exquisitely bizarre and captivating! He shares some great tips below for other artists that are trying to kick-start their careers! 

  • What methods do you use to market your art?

“I work with a gallery and I let them do everything. Before Instagram, one just had to demonstrate sales at coffee houses or contests where galleries would take note. Now ‘followers’ are something they notice.”


  • Which social media platforms do you recommend for promoting art and why?

“I have my own website, a Facebook page too, but I mainly use Instagram. They are the most used platforms and it’s a way to communicate with other artists and develop a following.”


  • What should you avoid when trying to start an art business?

“Avoid? To quote DeKooning and Thiebaud, you should avoid becoming an ’employee of the gallery system’. You HAVE to love painting for yourself with no deadlines.”


  • Are you a full-time or part-time artist? How do you have your life arranged to be able to create art and make an income off of it?

“Low overhead, teaching, other little jobs, supportive family – another Thiebaud quote: “I can tell you how to make a life if it but not a living – I dont know how to do that.”  Basically, you would rather paint than go on a spectacular vacation – without having to think about it.

You have to do what you do better than anyone around you and you need to go to museums and look – not just at Instagram and galleries.”


  • Do you recommend art fairs for selling art?

“Your gallery will show you at the best art fairs. Depends on how high profile the fair is.”


  • What do you do to get over “artist’s block”?

“I have not gotten a ‘block’ in years. I’d say stop painting and wait for it to come back. Do thumbnail drawings.  Tons. Exercise. Meditate. You need to “live” in a work while doing it. It is a place to go, not a thing to sell.”

Another spooky and alluring painting by John Brosio

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