About Me:

Art has always been my lifelong passion, and I pour my soul into each piece that I create. Through my work, I hope to invite the viewer to explore an ethereal and strange world, borne from the depths of my imagination. 

I am endlessly inspired by nature, so naturally, much of my work is an amalgamation of the things I see and feel in our awe-inspiring world. Our world is exquisitely beautiful, yet utterly terrifying – which are two themes that often seep through in the imagery that I create.

Of course, I am most at peace while out hiking, camping, swimming, or fishing. I find great joy in watching/reading entertainment within the science-fiction or horror genres. I also really enjoy random crafting projects, listening to unusual music, cooking, reading/listening to podcasts about various non-fiction topics (such as herbalism, health, science, psychology, etc.). I also currently work full-time as a graphic designer/product photographer.