Orange Mycena Mushroom Relief Sculpture Cast, 3D Art Painting


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A 3D “painting” of the orange mycena mushroom, by Alexis Diachina (me). This framed relief scupture will certainly add that magical, fairytale forest feel to any space! The mushroom relief is a plaster cast copy of my original sculpture. It is hand-painted by myself, and then sealed with varnish for a glossy shine.

Each mushroom varies slightly and is unique, which is captured in up-to-date photos of each variation. The sculpture measures about 3×2 inches. The mushrooms come in a variety of thrifted frames for you to choose from. Each frame is is used but beautiful, so you are saving it from the landfill! As it is used, it is likely that the frame may have a few imperfections, like small dents.

  • Quirky Charm: Add a touch of nature to a dull office space! It would make a wonderful gift for that mushroom or nature enthusiast, or mycologist that you may know. 🍄
  • Made in MN, USA: Support our economy by supporting a local artist.
  • Cute and Little: These fun guys measure about 3×2 inches, and are displayed in a frame of your choosing.
  • Earth-Friendly Frame: Each frame is thrifted and unique.

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Weight 15 oz
Dimensions 12 × 12 × 6 in

4.5 x 3" Red-Tinted Wooden Frame, 5×7" Warm-Tinted Wooden Frame


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