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  • Orange Mycena Mushroom Relief Sculpture Cast, 3D Art Painting


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    A 3D “painting” of the orange mycena mushroom, by Alexis Diachina (me). This framed relief scupture will certainly add that magical, fairytale forest feel to any space! The mushroom relief is a plaster cast copy of my original sculpture. It is hand-painted by myself, and then sealed with varnish for a glossy shine. Each mushroom…

  • Small polymer clay sculpture of extraterrestrial fungus growing out of a pink rock. The fungus is lollypop-shaped, and very colorful.

    Glob of Alien Fungus Polymer Clay Sculpture


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    My husband left some food out a month ago, and this is the result. Just kidding. This is actually a glob of extraterrestrial fungus that I sculpted with polymer clay, and added a little bit of resin to make it look like there’s water in the crevices of the pink alien rock.

    It’s about 4.25″ long, 3.50″ wide, and 2.5″ tall.